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NZMS Membership and Subscriptions

The membership of the New Zealand Mathematical Society consists of a wide variety of professional and amateur mathematicians, not only those employed in educational and research institutions in New Zealand, but also a good number based in industrial and commercial enterprises and in other countries.

Applications for membership are invited from any persons interested in the objects of the Society. There are no eligibility criteria, however the NZMS Council reserves the right to consider each application individually. Applications can be made by downloading and printing out the membership application form, and posting or emailing the completed form to the Membership Secretary, Dr John Shanks. To apply for reciprocal membership you must reside outside New Zealand and be a fully paid-up member of one of the overseas Mathematical societies with which the NZMS has a reciprocity agreement (see side bar).

  • Reduced subscription rates are available for those who qualify for Reciprocal membership.
  • The Society offers one year’s free membership to new members of staff at New Zealand University Mathematics Departments who are also new to the Society.
  • The Society offers free membership to interested students at New Zealand University Mathematics (and related) Departments.
  • Life membership is open to retired persons, on payment of a sum equal to three times the current annual subscription rate.
  • Institutional membership may be granted by the Council to other associations or institutions interested in the objectives of the Society.
  • Also the Council may, at its discretion, award Honorary life membership to any person of distinction in the field of mathematics or any other person whose work or whose services to the Society are judged by the Council to merit election to honorary membership.

NZMS members who are also ANZIAM members may pay their ANZIAM subscription at the same time as their NZMS subscription.

Further information about membership may be obtained from the NZMS Membership Secretary:

Dr John Shanks ( 
Department of Mathematics & Statistics 
University of Otago, PO Box 56 
Dunedin 9054, New Zealand 

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Download the membership application form

2024 subscription rates

Ordinary membersNZ$ 88
Student membersNZ$ 0
Overseas studentsNZ$ 44
Reciprocal membersNZ$ 44

(all GST inclusive)

Subscription invoices are sent out in February; a discount applies if payment is made before 31 March.

Reciprocal agreements

The Society has reciprocity agreements with:

  • The American Mathematical Society
  • The Australian Mathematical Society
  • The Canadian Mathematical Society
  • The Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • The Irish Mathematical Society
  • The London Mathematical Society
  • The Mathematical Society of Japan

Current numbers: