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Administration and Council

The general affairs of the NZ Mathematical Society are conducted by its Council, which consists of the President, one Vice-President, and seven elected members. Their terms of office are set out in the NZMS Constitution.

Elections take place along with other important business at the Annual General Meeting normally held near the end of each year, in conjunction with the New Zealand Mathematics Colloquium.

Council meetings are usually held just before the Annual General Meeting. Matters are also dealt with during the year by email correspondence.

Current NZMS Councillors

Prof Astrid an HuefUniversity of Otago2011-2018
Dr Florian BeyerUniversity of Otago2014-2017
Assoc Prof Shaun CooperMassey University (Auckland)2013-2019
Dr Emily HarveyM.E Research 2013-2019
Assoc Prof Vivien KirkUniversity of Auckland2015-2020
Prof Stephen MarslandMassey University2016-2019
Prof Mark McGuinnessVictoria University of Wellington2012-2018
Assoc Prof Rua MurrayUniversity of Canterbury2014-2017
Assoc Prof Bruce van BruntMassey University2011-2017

PRESIDENTProf Astrid an HuefUniversity of Otago
VICE-PRESIDENTAssoc Prof Vivien KirkUniversity of Auckland
SECRETARYDr Emily HarveyM.E Research
TREASURERAssoc Prof Bruce van BruntMassey University

Other Positions of Responsibility

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARYDr John ShanksUniversity of Otago
NEWSLETTER EDITORSDr Miguel Moyers-Gonzalez and Dr Phil WilsonUniversity of Canterbury
LEGAL ADVISORDr Peter RenaudUniversity of Canterbury
ARCHIVISTDr Peter DonelanVictoria University of Wellington
WEBMASTERAssoc Prof Boris BaeumerUniversity of Otago

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