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The New Zealand Mathematical Society (Inc.) is the representative body of professional mathematicians in New Zealand, and was founded in 1974. Its aims include promotion of research in the mathematical sciences, the development, application and dissemination of mathematical knowledge within New Zealand, and effective cooperation and collaboration between mathematicians and their colleagues in New Zealand and in other countries.

Notices and news

Current vacancies

School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Canterbury

Applications are invited from outstanding candidates for the continuing position at the level of Lecturer (comparable to Assistant Professor in the US system) in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. The position is open to candidates with a strong research record in mathematics. Applicants whose research area is in algebra and/or number theory are particularly encouraged to apply.

Link for further information and online applications:

Hinke Osinga is the 2017 LMS-NZMS Aitken Lecturer

Hinke Osinga of the University of Auckland has been selected by the London Mathematical Society and the NZMS to be the 2017 Aitken Lecturer.

Lecturer's are selected based on their eminent contribution as a research mathematician as well as their ability to speak effectively at a more popular level. The tour will involve giving lectures at different universities around the UK over the period of a few weeks in 2017 (further details to follow).

New Zealand Mathematical Society awards

  • NZMS Research Award

This annual award was instituted in 1990 to foster mathematical research in New Zealand and to recognise excellence in research carried out by New Zealand mathematicians.

The Research Award for 2015 was presented at the NZ Mathematics Colloquium dinner in Christchurch to Hinke Osinga of the University of Auckland for pioneering work on theory and computational methods in dynamical systems and its applications in biology and engineering.

  • NZMS Early Career Award

This award was instituted in 2006 to reward early career New Zealand mathematicians.

The Early Career Award for 2015 was presented at the NZ Mathematics Colloquium dinner in Christchurch to Adam Day of Victoria University, for fundamental contributions to the theory of algorithmic randomness and computability including the solution of the random covering problem.

  • 2015 Aitken Prize for Best Student Paper

This prize was awarded to Andrew Keane of the University of Auckland for his talk on "Bifurcation analysis of a model for the El Niño Southern Oscillation".

Gaven Martin is the 2016 AMS-NZMS Maclaurin Lecturer

Gaven Martin of Massey University Albany is to be the third outgoing Maclaurin Lecturer, as part of a reciprocal exchange between the New Zealand Mathematical Society and American Mathematical Society that began in 2012. He is expected to tour the USA in the latter half of 2016.

Julia Gog is the 2016 LMS-NZMS Forder Lecturer

Julia Gog of Cambridge University is to visit New Zealand as the 2016 Forder Lecturer. The Forder Lectureship, established in 1985, is one of the most important events on the New Zealand mathematical calendar. Julia will be the 15th Forder Lecturer.

Professor Mick Roberts (Massey, Albany) will coordinate Julia's tour.

Summary of the Society’s activities


Listing of upcoming conferences.

Promotion of research

Each year the Society awards both a Research Award and an Early Career Award to mark and reward outstanding research activity.


The Forder and Aitken Lectureships are a reciprocal exchange between the New Zealand Mathematical Society and the London Mathematical Society featuring noted mathematicians speaking in each others countries on alternate years.

The Maclaurin Lectureship is a new reciprocal exchange between the New Zealand Mathematical Society and American Mathematical Society featuring noted mathematicians to speak in each others countries on alternate years.

The NZMS Visiting Lectureship allows a visiting mathematician to spend two to three days at each of the six main university centres; the Society coordinates and provides some financial assistance for this tour.

Women in Mathematics

The NZMS is committed to actively addressing the issues facing women in mathematics.

Mathematics Education

The NZMS Education Group aims to provide the New Zealand community with independent and hopefully influential commentary on mathematical education issues.


The Newsletter, published three times a year, is the official organ of the Society, and contains news from around the country, featured opinion articles, featured mathematicians, official notices and minutes, and application forms.

The Society also co-publishes the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics.


The Aitken Prize is awarded annually for the best contributed student talk at the NZ Mathematics Colloquium.

Information is maintained of mathematical visitors to New Zealand.

Financial assistance is made available in the form of grants to support the costs of hosting mathematical visitors, organising conferences or workshops, attending conferences, and any other mathematical research-related activity.

Main contact:

New Zealand Mathematical Society
C/- Dr Emily Harvey (NZMS Secretary,
PO Box 331297
Auckland 0740

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