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The Newsletter is published three times a year, in April, August and December, and is sent to all members. It is the official organ of the Society.

The standard deadline for contributions is the 25th of the month preceding the month of issue.

Almost all issues are also available for download. Recent issues:

2017 :      129: April            
2016 :      126: April      127: August      128: December
2015 :      123: April      124: August      125: December
2014 :      120: April      121: August      122: December
2013 :      117: April      118: August      119: December
2012 :      114: April      115: August      116: December

Full list of available issues


With a few exceptions every Newsletter from issue 18 has published a Profile featuring a NZ mathematician.

129Hinke Osinga72Douglas Bridges
128Felipe Voloch71Gillian Thornley
127Astrid an Huef70Marston Conder
126James Sneyd69Gordon Knight
125Local correspondents68Wolfgang Vogel
124David Wall67Derrick Breach
123Judy Paterson66Ken Ashton
122David Vere-Jones65Mary Fama
121Iain Raeburn64John Turner
120Shaun Hendy63Alexander Aitken
119Eamonn O'Brien62Brian Woods
118Robert McLachlan61John Kalman
117Robert Aldred60Jan Whitwell
116Shaun Cooper59Jim Ansell
115Bill Barton58Roy Kerr
114Charles Semple57Roger Penrose
111Roy Kerr56Bryan Manly
110Ian Collins and Mike OSullivan55George Seber
109Ian Coope54Garry Tee
108Peter Lorimer53Rob Goldblatt
107Marijcke Vlieg52Douglas Harvie
106Bob Broughton51Mervyn Rosser
105Alfred Sneyd50David Benney
104Auckland Mathematicians49Derek Holton
103Donald Nield48Les Woods
102Ernie Kalnins47Bernhard Neumann
101Robin Wooding46Brent Wilson
100Michael Roberts45Gloria Olive
98Stephen White44Brian Hayman
97Robert McKibbin43Peter Lorimer
95George Szekeres40Achim Zulauf
94Ivan Reilly38Graeme Wake
93Bob Long37Vaughan Jones
91Rod Downey36Michael Saunders
90Charles Pearce35Gordon Hookings
89Michael McIntyre34Alex McNabb
88David Benney33Wilf Malcolm
87Bruce Weir32Desmond Sawyer
86Vernon Squire31John Darwin
85Vladimir Pestov30William Davidson
84Geoff Whittle29Gordon Petersen
83David Gauld28David Spence
82Gaven Martin27Aldis Segar Forder and Chong
81Bruce Robson25Derek Lawden
80Margaret Morton24David Vere-Jones
78M K Vamanamurthy23J T Campbell
77Graham Weir22Peter Whittle
76Silver Jubilee21Ian Axford
75John Harper20Cecil Segedin
74Dean Halford19Henry Forder
73John Fauvel18John Butcher

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Newsletter editors

1975Jim Ansell
1976–1978Donald Joyce
1979–1980Dean Halford
1981Brent Wilson
1982–1983Ian Coope
1984–1985John Curran
1986–1987Mark Schroder
1988–1993David Smith
1994–1999Michael Hendy
2000–2005Robert McLachlan
2006–2008Mark McGuinness
2009–2011Alex James
2012–2013Steven Archer
2013–2015Mark Wilson
2016– Miguel Moyers-Gonzalez
and Phil Wilson