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NZMS Accreditation

The Society has set up an accreditation scheme which recognises Fellows, Accredited Members, and Graduate Members of the NZMS.

Applications are considered by the Accreditation Committee, set up by the NZMS Council.

At present, members’ applications are encouraged before 1 June 2018. Application forms are available for download. For the Fellowship use the Fellowship application in either pdf format or rtf format. For accreditation please use the accreditation application in either pdf format or rtf format. If you would like to be considered or would like to nominate someone, please complete the form and send it to

Vivien Kirk
NZMS President
Department of Mathematics
University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142, New Zealand

The chair of the Accreditation Committee: Distinguished Professor Gaven Martin ( may be contacted if you have any queries.

The fees are: Accredited member $100, and Graduate member $50. These are one-off fees. From December 4, 2017 there is no fee for Fellows.

The classes of accreditation are given by Article IV of the NZMS Constitution.


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Fellows of the Society (alphabetical)

  • Astrid an Huef
  • Alona Ben-Tal
  • Igor Boglaev
  • Kevin Broughan
  • John Butcher
  • Jiling Cao
  • Bruce Christianson
  • Shaun Cooper
  • Rod Downey
  • Marston Conder
  • Tom ter Elst
  • Steven Galbraith
  • David Gauld
  • Rob Goldblatt
  • Dean Halford
  • Mike Hendy
  • Derek Holton
  • Jeffrey Hunter
  • Alex James
  • Vaughan Jones
  • Vivien Kirk
  • Bernd Krauskopf
  • Carlo Laing
  • Charles Little
  • Gaven Martin
  • Mark McGuinness
  • Robert McKibbin
  • Robert McLachlan
  • Alex McNabb
  • Eamonn O'Brien
  • Hinke Osinga
  • Charles Pearce
  • Mick Roberts
  • Charles Semple
  • Vernon Squire
  • Winston Sweatman
  • Kee Teo
  • Gillian Thornley
  • Bruce van Brunt
  • Graeme Wake
  • Graham Weir
  • Ilze Ziedens

Accredited Members of the Society

  • Beverley Horn