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Upcoming Conferences.

Listing of Australasian conferences from the Australian Mathematical Society.

Combinatorics in Christchurch. University of Canterbury, June 3--6, 2024.

46th Australasian Combinatorics Conference (46ACC). The University of Queensland, December 2--6, 2024.

Joint meeting of the NZMS, AustMS and AMS. University of Auckland, December 9--13, 2024.

Current Vacancies

This list gives job (type ā€œJā€) and scholarship (type ā€œSā€) opportunities currently available in New Zealand.

Posting jobs and scholarships is free for academic and research institutions, please contact the Secretary for more information.

Closing dateOrganisationTypeDescription
2 Jun 2024University of SydneyJLecturer in Data Science More details
24 May 2024University of SydneyJAssociate Professor/Senior Lecturer More details
14 May 2024University of SydneyJLecturer/Senior Lecturer in Statistical / Mathematical Data Science More details