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New Zealand Journal of Mathematics

ISSN 1179-4984

The New Zealand Journal of Mathematics is published by a joint committee of the New Zealand Mathematical Society and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Auckland.

Contact address: NZ Journal of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand.

Electronic mail address: (for general enquiries)

Back Issues

Since 2007 the Journal has been published electronically, with hardcopies no longer available. However, back issues for both the Journal and its predecessor the Mathematical Chronicle are available; please send enquiries to the Treasurer at the address above.

Preparation and submission of manuscripts

Research, expository or survey articles are solicited in any branch of pure or applied mathematics or mathematical statistics. Papers must be submitted in English, with a short abstract and AMS subject-classification codes, either to the Editor at the address above, or to an appropriate member of the Editorial Board. Manuscripts should be submitted as an AMS-TEX file by electronic mail or disk. Authors are asked to certify that their contributions have not been submitted simultaneously to any other journal.

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