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Forder Lecturers

2020Julia WolfUniversity of Cambridge
2018Valerie IshamUniversity College London
2016Julia GogUniversity of Cambridge
2015Endre SuliUniversity of Oxford
2012Geoffrey GrimmettUniversity of Cambridge
2010Ben GreenUniversity of Cambridge
2008Peter CameronQueen Mary, University of London
2005Martin BridsonImperial College London
2003Caroline SeriesUniversity of Warwick
2001Tom KörnerUniversity of Cambridge
1999Sir Michael BerryUniversity of Bristol
1997Ian StewartUniversity of Warwick
1995Elmer ReesUniversity of Edinburgh
1993Roger PenrosePennsylvania State University
1991Peter WhittleUniversity of Cambridge
1989Sir Michael AtiyahUniversity of Oxford
1987Christopher ZeemanUniversity of Warwick

Aitken Lecturers

2019Bakh KhoussainovUniversity of Auckland
2017Hinke OsingaUniversity of Auckland
2015Steven GalbraithUniversity of Auckland
2013Robert McLachlanMassey University
2011Geoff WhittleVictoria University

Maclaurin Lecturers

2017Ken OnoEmory University(incoming)
2016Gaven MartinMassey University Albany(outgoing)
2015Ingrid DaubechiesDuke University(incoming)
2013Terence TaoUniversity of California, Los Angeles (incoming)
2014James SneydUniversity of Auckland (outgoing)
2012Marston ConderUniversity of Auckland (outgoing)

Visiting Lecturers

2004Bruce RichterUniversity of Waterloo
2002John ButcherUniversity of Auckland
2002Jim GeelenUniversity of Waterloo
2000John GuckenheimerCornell University
1998John FauvelOpen University
1997Hyam RuninsteinMelbourne University
1996Valerie IshamUniversity College London
1995Roger GrimshawMonash University
1994Colin MaclachlanUniversity of Aberdeen
1993Andreas DressUniversity of Bielefeld
1992John LoxtonMacquarie University
1991Douglas BridgesUniversity of Waikato
1990David S. MoorePurdue University
1989Ren B. PottsUniversity of Adelaide
1988Lee Peng YeeNational Institute of Education, Singapore
1987Saunders Mac LaneUniversity of Chicago
1986Terry SpeedUniversity of California at Berkeley
1985William Luxemburg
1984Hassler WhitneyNational Science Foundation
1983Trevor Boyle
1982Graham Read
1981Ivar StakgoldHarvard University
1980Joe GaniCSIRO
1979George AndrewsPennsylvania State University
1977Ivor Grattan-GuinnessUniversity of Warwick

NZMS Colloquium Speakers

Colloquium - Butcher-Kalman Lecturer

2019Pedram Hekmati"A quantum invariant for group actions"
2018Geertrui Van der Voorde"Blocking sets in finite geometry"
2017Brendan Creutz"Arithmetic of genus 1 curves"
2016Rachael Tappenden"It's a big (data) world"
2015Adam Day"Borel graph combinatorics"

Colloquium - NZMS Lecturer

2019Jeanette McLeod"Maths Craft: bringing maths to the masses"
2018Igor Kontorovich"What mathematics is and why mathematicians who teach should be the first to care"
2017David Bryant"The geometry of diversities"
2016Hinke Osinga"The art of computing global manifolds"
2015Rick Beatson"Kernel based methods for fitting scattered data with applications"
2013Tom ter Elst"Does diffusion determine the drum"
2012Astrid an Huef"Algebraic systems of isometries"
2011Charles Semple"Realizing phylogenies with local information"
2010André Nies"Interactions of computability and randomness"
2009Mike Hendy"Modelling mutation rates from molecular pedigree data"
2007Conder, Downey, Martin, Visser4 talks in 1st joint AMS-NZMS meeting
2006Robert McLachlan“Geodesics everywhere”
2005Eamonn O’Brien“Algorithmic approaches to the study of linear groups”
2004Rod Gover“Differential geometry, twistor theory and mathematical physics”
2002Gaven Martin"Automorphisms of lattices and tilings of hyperbolic 3-space, solving the Hurwitz-Siegel problem in 3-dimensions"
2001Hyam Rubinstein“Algorithms for surfaces in 3-dimensional manifolds”
2000Alf van der Poorten"Quasi-elliptic integrals"
1999Jack Dongarra
1998Leslie C. Woods“The Tokamak disaster”
1997John C. Butcher“An introduction to Padé approximations with an application”
1996Mikhail Gromov“Problems in Riemannian geometry”
1995Hans Schneider“Aitken’s student: a personal memoir”
1992John Loxton“Numbers in chaos, or a state of sin”
1991Vaughan F. R. Jones“Knots, braids, statistical mechanics and von Neumann algebras”
1990Gillian Thornley“Differential geometry - connections!”
1989Cheryl Praeger“Designs and groups”
1988John C. Butcher“Numerical ordinary differential equations and mathematics”
1985Vaughan F. R. Jones“Hecke algebras, von Neumann algebras, knots and braids”
1984William B. Bonnor“The present state of general relativity”
1982David B. Gauld“Geometric topology: a small sample”
1981C. T. C. Wall“Stability of singularities of smooth maps”
1980Rob I. Goldblatt“Categories and creative ideas”
1979Wojciech Wojtynski“The present and future of infinite-dimensional Lie groups and Lie algebras”
1978P. A. Moran“Asymptotic analysis and fixed-point theorems”
1977Joe Gani“Early mathematical models in epidemiology and genetics”
1976Ian Stewart“Catastrophe theory”

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Presidents of the Society

2020-2022David Bryant
2019-2020Shaun Hendy
2017-2019Vivien Kirk
2015-2017Astrid an Huef
2013-2015Winston Sweatman
2011-2013Graham Weir
2009-2011Charles Semple
2007-2009Robert McLachlan
2005-2007Gaven Martin
2003-2005Mick Roberts
2001-2003Rod Downey
1999-2001Graeme Wake
1997-1999Rob I Goldblatt
1995-1997Douglas Bridges
1993-1995Marston D E Conder
1991-1993Derek A Holton
1989-1991Gillian Thornley
1987-1989Brian Woods
1985-1987Ivan L Reilly
1984-1985Michael R Carter
1983-1984William Davidson
1982-1983Jim H Ansell
1981-1982David B Gauld
1980-1981W Dean Halford
1979-1980John C Turner
1978-1979Graeme C Wake
1976-1978Gordon M Petersen
1975-1976John C Butcher
1974-1975David Vere-Jones