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2017 Annual General Meeting

5pm on Tuesday 5th of December, Lecture Theatre SLT1, Building 303, University of Auckland.

Agenda of the 43rd Annual General Meeting of the NZMS

Apologies (please email the Secretary

1. Minutes of the 42nd Annual General Meeting

2. Matters Arising

3. President’s report

4. Treasurer’s report and membership deposits attachment

5. Appointment of auditors

6. Membership secretary’s report and setting membership subscriptions for 2018

7. Election of councillors


Bruce van Brunt (2nd term), Florian Beyer (1st term), Rua Murray (1st term).


Any further nominations can be submitted from the floor at the AGM.

8. Forthcoming colloquia

9. Report on the NZ Journal of Mathematics

10. Report from the NZMS Education Group

11. Update on the Forder, Aitken, and Maclaurin lecturers

12. General business