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2020 Annual General Meeting

2.20pm on Tuesday 1st of December, MS Teams link to be distributed by email.

Agenda of the 46th Annual General Meeting of the NZMS

Apologies: Sina Greenwood, Emily Harvey, Fabien Montiel.

Please email further apologies to the Secretary

1. Minutes of the 45th Annual General Meeting

2. Matters Arising

3. Vaughan Jones, in memoriam (Marston Conder).

4. President’s report.

5. Treasurer’s report

The annual returns for previous years (audited accounts) are available here

6. Appointment of auditors. Motion: "The current auditor, Nirmala Nath from the School of Accountancy, Massey University, to be re-appointed as Auditor"

7. Membership Secretary’s Report and setting membership subscriptions for 2021

8. Election of NZMS Council members

  • Departing: Florian Beyer, Kevin Broughan, Vivien Kirk, Rua Murray
  • Nomination for Incoming President: David Bryant
  • Nominees for 3 Council positions: Stephen Joe, Bernd Krauskopf, Dominic Searles, Geertrui Van der Voorde

A vote for the 3 Council positions will be conducted via secret electronic ballot, within the chat window in MS Teams.

9. Forthcoming colloquia

  • 2021. Canterbury 7-9 Dec
  • 2022. Victoria
  • 2023. Joint AMS/NZMS/AustMS (December 4-8 2023, Auckland)?

10. Update on Forder and Aitken lecturers

11. NZJM report

12. Correspondence (if any)

13. General business: Kalman Prize application procedure and accompanying letter